Surface grinding machine series SRA

In the case of SRA grinders, both the vertical and the transverse axis are precisely controlled by the CNC.
The machine allows you to store and execute a sequence of six work cycles at any given time.
The machine offers many opportunities for dressing the grinding wheel with automatic diameter compensation and allows programming of various parameters for both grinding and dressing of the grinding wheel for roughing and finishing, guaranteeing excellent process results.

SRA x/50

Max. grinding width: 550 mm
Max. grinding length: 1200-2000 mm

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SRA x/60

Max. grinding width: 650 mm
Max. grinding length: 1200-4000 mm

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SRA x/70

Max. grinding width: 800 mm
Max. grinding length: 1500-4000 mm

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SRA x/80

Max. grinding width: 900 mm
Max. grinding length: 1500-4000 mm

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SRA x/90

Max. grinding width: 1100 mm
Max. grinding length: 1500-6000 mm

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